Take a Systematic Approach

At Systematic Leadership Consulting, we take a systematic approach to business.
Whether you are building a company to own or a company to sell, you always want the same thing: consistent results. There is only one way to get to that point...reliable systems. In the end, your business is your systems: These are the systems that make your business successful (and probably more). How many of these processes have been intentionally designed to work well? If your answer isn't "All of them," then we should talk. Every piece of your company should be designed to work according to plan...even if that plan is: "then the owner flips a coin and if if comes up heads, we do it." Hopefully, your systems are backed by more data than a coin flip (everything that we recommend is always based on data), but you get the point.

Good Systems = Consistent Results

Be the Leader

In the end, all business problems are people problems.
I know, I'm not supposed to use the word "Problem" at all let alone when talking about people. Well guess what, when something goes wrong in your business, it's a problem. Guess what else: everyone with a job wants that job to be as fulfilling as possible. If you lead people, you owe it to both them and yourself to lead them well. Leadership is hardly taught in schools, not even most business schools. But Leadership will make or break your business. At SLC, we believe every employee deserves to have a great leader as a boss. If you are not 100% confident that you are already a great leader, but you want to be, click the "Schedule Free Consultation" button at the top of the page and select "Individualized Coaching" as your service of interest.

Meet our founder

Hi, my name is Leonard Nieman. I have always been entrepreneurial myself. My first business was a sticker business. I bought a bunch of stickers in bulk and sold them one at a time. The business went pretty well...until my 2nd grade teacher shut it down. I learned early that "government regulations" can make or break a business. From there, I got a Computer Engineering degree at Kettering University and then eventually an MBA from Indiana Universty. In between, I moved into managing engineers for over 5 years and learned a whole lot about business, leadership, systems, and design. I feel like I fit in with entrepreneurs. My passion is to help other people achieve their dreams. So, I do my best to pass on what I know and get businesses up and running like clockwork. If you think like me, I want to talk to you. Whether you own a business, coach others, or just have a love for learning. I'm always happy to hear from someone that shares my passions and interests. Email me at .