What do you Need the most?

Systematic Leadership Consulting
(SLC for short)
offers a wide range of services in order to fit any business no matter where you are in your journey.

Individualized Coaching

Do you feel overwhelmed with everything that you need to get done?
Do you feel like you don't have anyone to talk to who can give you real, practical advice on your business?
Maybe you're just starting out and need help understanding how to take those first steps like:
  • create a business plan,
  • open a business bank account,
  • hire your first employee(s),
  • train your employees,
  • be able to take a vacation sometime.
If you've been telling yourself that your business is "fine" but know that it really is NOT FINE, this service might be right for you.
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Team Analysis

Do you have a team of people that are working for you that just don't seem to jive?
You're not sure why, but your workplace doesn't seem like it runs the way it should.
There are a lot of reasons this could happen, but it boils down to this:

Something Needs to Change!

If you know that a team needs a change, but you are not sure exactly what, Team Analysis is the right engagement.
We have a whole bunch of different tools that we can use in order to get you insight into what is going on with your team and what the expected result would be if you make specific changes.
If you know you need your team to work better together, why not have us help you be sure that the change you make is going to solve the real issue!
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System Implementation

Once you know that you need to make your business more process driven, we can help you to implement that.
There are a lot of different software options available out there.
We will help you select the software that is best for you and also do all of the customization work so that you and your employees are thinking about the work and not the systems.
If you are not sure what might need to change, we recommend starting with a Team Analysis engagement, where we will assess exactly what the issues are and what changes will be most valuable; then, we would be happy to do the implementation of those changes as well.
If you already know that you need to implement some sort of system, but need some help in getting it up and running, System Implementation might be right for you.
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Once you have people working for you, the key to a productive workforce is training.
We offer a wide variety of live (or zoom) trainings for your employees, off-the-shelf.
If you know your managers need to get better at Emotional Inteligence, we've got a training for that.
If your employees need to know more about the basics of any of the software solutions that we support, we have trainings for those.
But also, if you have just implemented a new system or process, you and your employees probably all need to be trained on it.
We can easily customize and create a training plan that is just right for you to be able to get the most out of your people.
After all, your greatest asset is probably your people. Isn't it time to invest in them?
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Design Thinking Facilitation

Design Thinking has been all the rage lately and for good reason.
Companies embrace design thinking because: That probably makes you think that you might want to start implementing design thinking in your business.
Another interesting fact is that over half of the companies that have started to embrace design thinking reported learning it from coaches, agencies, or a school (Parsons).
So, what are you waiting for. Why not have us teach your core team how to do Design Thinking by leading you through a week-long design thinking workshop...just as proposed in the book "Sprint" by Google Venture's Jake Knapp.
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Already overwhelmed with all of the options?

If you just know that you need help, but are not sure what is needed, that's OK.

We are here for you.

Actually, we consider it part of our job to be able to diagnose where your business is at now in order to be able to help you get to where you want to be.
There is absoutely nothing wrong with not knowing what to do next.

Unless your business is already working like clockwork, the only thing that you shouldn't do is NOTHING.

So, click the "Schedule Free Consultation" button and be honest with us by selecting "I'm not sure" as your service of interest.